We at Project XIII have no interest in your data. We have not built any back doors into the system that allow us to see what’s going on. We refuse to do so. Your data will be safe with us. We have no idea what you are talking about and will strive to make every effort to do so. We keep your encrypted data for three days. Your friends have that much time to download your updates, messages, comments, etc. After that period of time the server deletes the data.

Project XIII

I have been following the progress of Project XIII and trying to get my head around how it will all work. I am by no means a developer with the kind of skills or brain power to birth a project like this so I am struggling to invisiage how it will be built and come to pass in the current ways. I guess that is my obstacle right there, perhaps it is not done in a way that I am used to seeing and that is why I am struggling!

Through watching this project unfold and following the discussions surrounding Project XIII over the last few months it has made me stop and think about what I really what of me and my family out on the web and what I want to allow to be done with the data I do share. I have made the decision to cut right back on my online presence, especially from a personal perspective.

Bad business decision? I do not think so. I already felt I was stretching myself too thin and now I am honing in on which platforms are worth my time and effort, what type of information I choose to share on each one and where I want to spend my time.

If I am to spend my time online I would like to enjoy it and be able to put my energy into making it an extension of me worth sharing.

I am excited to see Project XIII when it is officially launched and keen to jump on board and check it out, it definitely has sparked my interest!